Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire was born in Sheffield, England on Mar. 5, 1993. He accomplished his first appearance in a match against Cardiff City in 2011, winning the award of the man of the match. Although having participated in another four competitions in this season, he still failed to resist that the football club slipped in League One. After served for Sheffield United, he also played for the Hull City and Leicester City football clubs. During his club career, he gradually grew into an excellent professional footballer after countless minor tournaments and abroad competitions.

In 2014, he reached a three year agreement with Hull City. For outstanding performances and distinguished leading ability on football fields, he was appointed as the captain of the Hull City in 2017. Then he transferred to the Leicester City of Premier League, reaching a five-year agreement for more than £12 million. In 2012, he was chosen as a football player for a friendly for the first time. In 2017, he became a member of Maguire’s squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification.

Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand was born in Southwark, England on Aug. 5, 1989. At the age of 9, he received systematical training in Gillingham, gradually growing into an excellent left back of England. In 2005, he reached an agreement with Chelsea for £125,000. In the 2006-07 season, he was loaned to Bournemouth for two times. For a severe injury in a match against Arsenal, he was ruled out of the season. And in 2007, he was loaned to Oldham Athletic till Jan. 2008. During this period, he caught the attention of many people, including loyal football fans, coaches, managers and spectators. In Jul. 2009, he was loaned to Reading for a season.

Besides the football clubs referred above, he was also loaned to Aston Villa and Southampton. He is also an excellent professional footballer of the England national football team. Prior to become a regular member of the England national football team, he has played for England at many major competitions, including U17, U18, U19, U20, U21. Known for distinguished competitive advantages, he played for England at many significant football matches.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker was born in Sheffield, England on May 28, 1990. For the sake of a coach Paul Archer, he became a member of the boyhood club Sheffield United. In 2008, there was an opportunity for him to experience the first team’s match on one-month loan. For extension of his loan, he participated in nine competitions for the Cobblers. After return to the Sheffield United, he accomplished his first appearance in a third round against Leyton Orient.

After distinguished achievements in competitions, he claimed a place in the Sheffield United, reaching the play-offs finally and catching attentions from football lovers and most spectators. In 2009, he, along with once team mate – Kyle Naughton, transferred to the Tottenham Hotspur for a sky-rise transfer fee. He was loaned to many football clubs for injuries or other reasons. After long-term loan and rushing there and where, he agreed a five-year agreement with Tottenham’s Premier League rivals Manchester City. Besides, he capped for the England national football team for several times, helping the team in many competitions.